Medinoxx System

One system enabling compliance with all Medication Management Guidance.

Medinoxx System Medi-Cup – 2 sizes

Medi-Cup – 2 sizes

Child resistant opening and easy re-closeable design allows for interruptions during administration. Available in 10ml, and for the first time, 15ml capacity, ideal for lactulose.

Medinoxx System Medi-Trays - 2 sizes

Medi-Trays – 2 sizes

Modular system with reusable trays which drastically reduces the amount of single use plastic. Adaptable for both weekly and monthly dispensing.

Medinoxx System - Medi-Seal


Dose time, date and patient identifier in full laser colour for quick and clear identification. Each sealed Medi-Cup can contain up to 11 individual drugs.


The colour patient photo, colour coded date and dose time are clear and easy to read printed on a white background combined with the angled front of the Medi-Tray to make identification quick and easy, when stored in a medicine trolley.

Medinoxx Sytem includes a trolley for storing the Medi-Trays


Our Modular Medication Management System has been tested and approved by the Central Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany for stability of both solid oral dosage form and liquid medication formulations. This means all medications can be packaged in the Medi-Cup, reducing the risk of administration errors and improving patient outcomes.
Medinoxx System - Medi-Labels

Medinoxx System includes the HEAT SEAL technology eliminating moisture ingress, protecting the stability of the medicines within

Heat Sealed

HEAT SEAL technology eliminates moisture ingress, protecting the stability of the medicines within.

Medinoxx allows both solid and liquid medication to be packaged in one system which simplifies medication management, increases medication administration efficiency, reduces the risk of error and provides you more time to focus on patient centred CARE.